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Feb 15, 2013 12:00am PST
the war thing ?appened i >> the animals were over. i was in l.a., and i did not want to go to london and face the press. i love l.a.. it was great. i said, i am going to the actors studio. i signed up for the actors studio and had a great teacher, and i was doing well. i really enjoyed it. they said, if you want to do that, you have got to earn money in the field you are in. put a new band together. they said, we see you as a black band. i saw this events that had a trombone, trumpets, saxophone, bass. i said, we cannot take this on the road and make money. eventually we got it down to six brands and myself. -- bands and myself. it was wonderful for a couple years. it was really good, but the surprising thing was i got a shot. for the first time i realized black americans did not understand what the blues was all about. once it went on record, they sold. tavis: we have this conversation all the time, so i feel you on that. tell me about "til your river runs dry!" >> it began with a conversation -- a conversation with gorbachev. we got a song in the works. the problem is water in this
Feb 28, 2013 12:00am PST
back to jamaica. what was in london, the olympics. the guy running so fast. usain bolt. he kept running. he would have come in third. the little black girl, gabby douglas. i had not seen a girl flip or jump like that since -- and then you go to the holidays, christmas. people are mad about that because someone gave me a gift card from the dollar store. you think of all of the things. christmas, we have got 1000 songs, but new year's, there is only one song, and people do not know the lyrics. all lange's nine. -- aul ang syne. taking a can of mountain dew. tavis: you know what, that is how you come up with new material. >> las vegas, just three days ago, we had a shooting their, and everybody was looking, and they were looking for a black range rover, and i had to tell them to stop looking for me. that is a car, not a negro. tavis: this is pbs, and my mama is watching. >> everywhere you go, my mama is watching -- your mom is watching. tavis: leave my mama out of this. your mama is so black -- >> you cannot do that. you know your mama is so dark that they named part of the evening after h
Feb 13, 2013 6:30pm PST
that much of the personnel was based in london. i actually didn't know at the time what the address of the partnership was. >> susie: lew said he received no tax benefit on that investment, and sold it at a loss. despite the tough questions, it is expected lew will win senate backing. >> susie: americans barely increased their spending last month, partly because of higher taxes, and energy prices. retail sales edged up just 0.1% in january. that's much less than in december. should investors be concerned about weak consumer spending? erika miller reports. >> reporter: consumer spending is watched closely, because it accounts for roughly 70% of economic growth. unfortunately, the latest reading on retail sales is not encouraging. the measley 0.1% gain in january was the smallest increase in three months. even core retail sales, which strips out volatile categories, ticked up just 0.2%. consumers have been cutting back on purchases of cars, clothing, and furniture. but sales did rise at home- improvement stores, gas stations and online retailers. part of the problem is rising prices a
Feb 1, 2013 11:05pm PST
and they conspired illegally to artificially rig the global interest rates which are based upon this london inner bank offered rate, which is a rate that measures how much it costs for banks to lend money to each other. this libor rate affects the prices of hundreds of trillions of dollars of financial products. and it goes from everything from credit cards to mortgages to municipal bonds. basically everything in the world the price is, you know, is somehow connected to libor. and these guys were monkeying around with this for individual profit. and they got, again, a complete and total walk on this. there were no criminal charges, which is just unbelievable. >> did you see the frontline documentary "the untouchables?" >> i did. >> then you're familiar with lanny breuer's testimony. >> you made a reference to losing sleep at night worrying about what a lawsuit might result in at a large financial institution. is that really the job of a prosecutor, to worry about anything other than simply pursuing justice? >> i think i am pursuing justice and i think the entire responsibility of the department i
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)